My memories of myself is fading away right inside my mind

The moment that my existence disappear within me, is when I will be free…will I not?

My dear little girl….just forget yourself and fall to sleep deep in this fantasy



[Not] again

Disclaimer: the picture here is not my drawing, yet I fixed it a little using painttoolSAI.

Things are repeating.

First, the girl that smiled to him yesterday, now is asking him to have lunch with her. Such a nice girl. What a pity.

And so, they have lunch together on the rooftop. A little chat, those boring things. Woah, don’t they look lovely together?

And after that, yes, of course. The piano. The piano in the instrument room is being played. The room is right under where they are, so he can easily hear it. So this is happening again huh?

Few days later, the newspaper coverages of a murder of a young school girl, she was killed inside the instrument room of her school after lunch time. The murder weapon was identified as some kind of string – the kind of string that use in fishing line or in musical instruments. She was suffocated to death, and was hit by a stick-like weapon several time after her death. The police have no clues of who the killer can be, or how that one was able to lead the victim into the room and kill her. The only suspect was a school boy, who was the last one to talk to her earlier before the murder, but when he was being in custody, an anonymous sent the police a picture of him standing near the school clock on the roof, and the time on it was exactly when the girl was killed.

“She told me that she wanted to see who was playing the piano, although I told her not to because I felt uneasy. I knew this would happened because this is at least the 10th time of the 10th school. I should stop her, then all of this had never happened…”

“Boy, I know this was hard for you, but we found no sign of that someone played the piano, or any instrument in the room. And all other students don’t say anything about hearing a piano sound or any unusual noise.”

“Ah ~ so lucky that I took some pictures of him right?”
“It was just because I cleaned it all you know?”


“Yes, of course I want a mythical pet! Something that can fly, and can swim. Something strong, but yet gentle like water. Something beautiful, similar yet unique. Can you make one for me papa?”

She seems to be excited. Surely, that parents want their child have a pet in their house is not an usual thing. Not with a dragon-like creature.

“Surely, dear, anything you want. Anything.”


This is the first blog I use the pic I drew.
By the way, you can consider this as a side story of “Some people are worth killing for”