“I’m right here! Why do you keep holding onto that faded memory?!”

Standing in her room, he shouts. Across the room, she is standing there, shivering. She is holding tightly what seems to be a body. A male body.

“Because you two are the SAME! WHY do you keep holding onto ME?! Stop the lies already!” Tears are rolling down her face. “At least this you I’m holding will never reject me…anymore…”

His eyes slowly adjust to the dark. That is a corpse. With no limbs. Swallows that down. Takes a step forward. Must be gentle.


The girl is trembling. This is it. Nothing he can do. Helpless.

“No…I don’t love you…I don’t love anyone…This is selfish. This is unacceptable. This is guilty…”

She seems to be losing control.